Monday, April 17, 2017

Ferris Wheels and Moonlight Kisses

While picking up broken tree branches and parts of splintered wood, I hear about the festival, and my mind immediately goes to Hal. Maybe I should invite him to watch the Little Mermaid with me, and then explain myself? Of course, I don’t know what I would need to explain per se. We all make mistakes and surely he knows I didn’t ruin the flower on purpose. Right? UGH. I don’t know. I tend to overanalyze everything, and I think that’s part of my problem. So I decide to go to the festival alone, and if I see him I’ll say something.

Walking into the festival there are a lot more people here than I thought. The sun’s setting over the city casting a shadows of pink, orange, purple, and red hues. it’s beautiful. My eyes go straight to the ferris wheel. I’ve never ridden one and it’s on my bucket list, as dumb as that may sound. As I walk toward it I see Hal, and he’s sitting by himself, but there’s a really long line. I decide to cut in front of everyone and jump on the ride to sit next to him. Somehow no one notices and I slip past the crowd.

My heart is racing as I realized I didn’t think at all about what I would say to him before cutting the line. Now I’m sitting next to him and he looks confused, but then he flashes his white smile and my heart melts. I’m such a sucker for a beautiful smile. I realize I’ve just been staring at him dumbfounded and my mind is searching for words, anything to say, but it’s like my mouth is glued shut. We're both staring at each other and I can’t seem to speak.

I manage to blurt out, “sorry” and kiss him. It’s the only thing I could think of, but he didn’t seem to mind. Then I apologize for being so rude, and he responds, “there’s no need to apologize I realized you were stressed, and didn’t mean to use the flower as a napkin. But I wanted to tell you when I saw you the last time that when I’m with you a feel like I’m on a cloud. My mind gets fuzzy when I see you, and I can’t seem to say anything intelligent, but I promise I’m smarter than I seem.” I laughed and said that I felt the same way.

We spent the rest of the festival together, walking around and watched the Little Mermaid. When the song ‘kiss the girl’ came on he kissed me, which was pretty cheesy, but I didn’t mind. After the movie I told him about the severed rat heads I found in my freezer, and he said I might want to find another place to live, and I told him I already was looking. He then said to me that I have the worst luck out of anyone he had ever met, and I agreed.

I was craving a pork sandwich so we went to get one and then watched the lunar eclipse while lying in the grass. Hal offered to walk him home since it was past 2 am, but I told him he better get home, and that I’d be okay. He then made a joke that I might have someone waiting for me in my apartment to chop my head up like the rats in my freezer. I laughed it off, but honestly the thought hadn't crossed my mind, but now terrified me.

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